Thursday, May 27, 2010

Carol Mitchell - Mother of Jeff Mitchell, paws4vets

Jeff was good this morning – he’s gone to his appointment with his psychiatrist. After I woke him up this morning, he was real chatty again. He talked about how much personality CAROLINE has. He said that even though he was really close to his friends’ dogs and played with them all the time before he went into the Army, he never considered that they had personalities and a will of their own. It was interesting hearing him talk about CAROLINE. He’s really hopeful that she will be easier to handle next time – he loved how easy it was to walk with CORINA. I told him that I bet she is already much better after having been with Karen. As wonderful as the guys at Fort Stewart are, they do have a learning curve and are very new to this, plus they are also dealing with many other things in addition to learning something new.